Chance meetings, chicken doners and graffitti

Rushing to dinner tonight, I was late because I’d had to go to a meet the Tutor evening at my son’s new college/school, I suddenly realised we were at Kings Cross and got up to get off the tube only to remember that I didn’t intend to get off there anyway. Sitting back down attempting to look cool rather than crazy I decided to get off afterall and make a change later at one of those stations where you have to just cross a platform. I calculated it would be quicker that way. Only as I started to run down the stairs towards the Metropolitan line I heard someone calling out my (maiden) name, I turned to see an old family friend and a dear dear friend of my brother’s who I’d not seen for about eight years. He was on his way home from a dinner and normally wouldn’t have been there around that time. We necessarily had to chat for a fair old while and by the time I got to dinner they’d eaten without me! gah. I did text them to say start without me.

So. On the way home I decided to have a chicken doner. Note to reader, and to self, only last week I sat in my garden with a nutritionist going over my diet with a fine tooth comb. Think I left out my propensity for kebabs when coming home drunk – well I’m so rarely drunk these days. Anyway – they’re full of salad. I’m drinking an Aveda tea to make up for it and also because I like it.

Walking home I heard and then saw two guys, they were standing chatting animatedly infront of a huge billboard. It was the same one my sister and I had stood infront of years ago on the way home from a night out and it brought back memories of us graffiting the poster. It was an anti Labour Tory poster, I don’t remember what my sister wrote/did but I do remember that I whipped out my MAC Viva Glam N01 and wrote Fuck Off. It wasn’t clever but it made us laugh and until they covered the poster up I found ways to walk with my children that didn’t involve going past it. All I can say is Viva Glam certainly has staying power!


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