So this is it.

I’ve been umming and ahhing for about a year now over starting a blog. Ho hum. I have set up a couple in the past but never posted on them.

I think I need to order my thoughts and come back to this but I just wanted to make a start you know.

I used to spend ages on myspace, then Facebook, now Twitter which has been a good exercise for me since I ALWAYS use as many words as I possibly can. I felt like Twitter was blogging for the lazy person and it got my blogging juices finally flowing.

I bought a book after reading one of JLS saying that they’d read and used it…how sad is that!?, me not them, anyway this book is about getting what you want out of life. I decided since I’m at a hiatus at the moment that I’d try doing the 25 principles and see what happens.

At the same time I was talking to a friend of mine about the ever raging size issue in high fashion and he said ‘blah blah blah – you’re always talking about this but when are you going to actually do something” (he was referring to something I wasn’t talking about, which proves he wasn’t listening properly, but that was related). I thought it was unfair that he was painting me as an all talk and no action person as I have spent six months this year interning with a fashion designer to reintroduce myself to the fashion industry and see if it’s an industry I would now want to be associated with. I also spent six months working with a child in year one helping him with his reading and writing to see if education might be a way forward for me. But then I got to thinking – with the help of aforementioned book, on this matter friend A is correct, if this is something that I believe in so passionately, which it is, then I need to get on and do something about it.

So, I now have a focus for my blog. The focus is…no focus in particular. That may seem like a contradiction but I know what I mean. The blog is the focus, I’m writing about things that interest me, sort of my own personal magazine. I’m practising and learning for a future project.


What do you think? Please do let me know by leaving a comment

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