Jobs for today – Friday 2nd October

1 – Clear out sitting room in readyness for my Knit and Natter group tomorrow evening.

2 – Finish making Blackberry & Apple Leather, stewing fruit is smelling wonderful but the oven part takes ten hours!!!!!, from River Cottage Handbook No2 – courtesy of Hugh Fearnley (love him) Whittingstall’s Guardian column.

3 – Get a job at Evans. I have to work there because I need to find out more about the plus size clothing industry  – what’s on offer and who the customer both potential and real is.

4 – Write a winning application to two of the Red Magazine internships. The first one is with Red Magazine itself and I really really really really really want it! Would that the power of Really Want had any influence at all it’d be in the bag. The second is at NET-A-PORTER and I really want that too but having been an avid magazine reader all my life (more of which later in my musings on the September Issue)  I really want Red Magazine slightly more.

5 –  Knit eight rows of the blinkin throw I’ve been knitting for almost a year – ahem. Eight rows takes slightly under two hours. I’m determined to finish it soon, certainly the knitting part of it I should have completed within a couple of weeks, if only for my sanity.

6 –  Lunchtime Legs, Bums and Tums class with the quite brilliant Tina Baker. I haven’t worked out how to imbed a link yet so her website is here she’s the only reason I manage to make it to the gym. Might not go today though.

7 – All the usual daily chores – dishwasher, washing, cooking supper etc.

8 – Visiting friend S to see how her fashion evening went last night.


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