Radio 4 just made me cry!

I just went to make my nutritionalist advised protein shake and flicked on the radio to see what was going on in the world. I caught the tail end of a report about the apology being made to Australia’s ‘forgotten Australians’ many thousands of whom are/were British children who were shipped over to Australia in part because to care for them there was cheaper than caring for them here. So my bottom lip was already trembling at the thought of these young children being sent all that way on their own before I realised that many of them were being sent to institutions where they would end up being physically/sexually/emotionally abused. The nail in my crying coffin was a lady who had been in Australia for sixty years but still thought of Britain as home. She’d never felt that she’d fitted in in Australia and wanted an apology from the UK government too. The point at which she broke down was the point at which I did. If only you could send a huge hug through the radio, not that a hug from me would make much of a difference but a hug from everyone that was listening and felt moved to tears – that might.


2 responses to “Radio 4 just made me cry!

  1. Caroline Williams

    And your blog on Radio 4 made me cry, made me cry too. So a hug from me too

    • Oooo…I just realised I can reply to posts, and probably should. Yes, thank you for your hug, still not sure what effect two hugs sent will have but it’s better than none.

      I suppose this will appear on the blog under your comment? Ho hum.

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