The September Issue, Red Magazine, Evans, Pull Tiger Tail – in that order.

The September Issue

Got the PERFECT present for my niece’s 16th birthday (actually have to give her something else too) thanks to a Twitter post by @SamAtRedmag (no idea if that works from outside Twitter) saying she’d just ordered The September Issue from Amazon. I’m not much of a fan of Amazon but my niece is in many ways a mini me so I was sure she would love the dvd and as I knew they had it in stock I bit the Amazon bullet and bought it. After confusion over delivery dates and shoddy customer service I received the dvd in time for Niece’s birthday as well as a token goodwill reimbursement.

After a day spent at London Fashion Weekend where I discovered the rather marvellous Jacey Withers and a sleepover where too many cupcakes were devoured my niece and I settled down to watch The September Issue. From the first fizzle between Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington to the end of the credits we sat watching open mouthed and enthralled. I was amazed that Anna Wintour allowed herself to be portrayed like that and more over that the mild clashes between her and Grace C weren’t cut. It was fascinating to see Grace C in action and to see her standing up for the work she strongly believed in. It was also fascinating to get a glimpse of how a magazine is put together and I’ve found that I’m looking at the spreads in magazines now and questioning where I’d have put them within the magazine etc. It’s a definite must see for anyone interested in fashion and/or magazine publishing.

Red Magazine

I applied for an internship at Red Magazine, you had to write one hundred words on why you were right for the internship and another hundred on what you would hope to gain out of it. Let me tell you, it’s super hard to do that. As my blog suggests, I’m a rambler (not in the walking sense though I did go for a strange walk at the weekend – more later and a lovely coastal walk the weekend before – again, more later) and I’ll ALWAYS use ten words where five would do. I realised that people might try to do really witty things with their ONE HUNDRED words – I didn’t really manage that. Well, you can but try. I love Red but does it love me? ho hum.


The Evans website said that it was looking for temporary Christmas staff. I decided to apply as I do need some money and it would help me to find out more about the plus size market, who they are, what they’re looking for and whether their needs are being met. You’d think that I couldn’t learn all of that just from Evans and you’d be right however I think that many more people shop there than would do if there were any real high street alternatives so it’s a good starting point. (Since I’m writing this blog almost two weeks after I started it I think it’s safe to say that Evans didn’t want me!) You didn’t need to have experience – but I do, you just needed to have an interest in fashion – which I do. Back to the drawing board.

Pull Tiger Tail

A while ago I pre-ordered the Pull Tiger Tail vinyl album PAWS and I knew that the band had received them and were starting to send them out but what with the ongoing postal strikes I didn’t get mine as soon as I thought I would and I sort of forgot about it. So when the post(wo)man delivered a package for me for a split second (before I noted the vinyl shape of the package) I was stumped as I wasn’t expecting anything (having already received the dvd of above tale). Let me tell you, this album has been a LONG time coming and its story involves a typical record label acting shittily tale and it’s a joy to finally hold it in my hands. It’s a brilliant album though strange to receive an album where you know all of the tracks already (bar one, Air Born, which I think is beautiful). My most treasured albums are those of bands that I’ve managed (which includes these guys in their former guise), music from my childhood and a couple of Suede albums which I listened to on repeat when my brother was dying, this album belongs with all of those.


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