Blaggers’ Banquet 15th November 2009

I’m involved with an absolutely amazing project and one that couldn’t have come at a better time ie a time when I’m not working and seem unable to get a job no matter how small or large! Hmmmm. Ah well.

The Blaggers’ Banquet was concieved by EAT LIKE A GIRL (the one that inspired me to get off my arse and do something – ok writing a blog involves much sitting on my arse but you get the idea) after attending the Fight Hunger/Eat Out launch. Essentially we’re a group of bloggers working together on an event to raise money for and awareness of Action Against Hunger.

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What this means for me is I spend my days listening to music, emailing and calling companies and trying desperately to think of anyone that I might know that might be able to help us out. I’ve met lots of people and am getting a fasttrack insight into the London food blogging scene. The first meeting we had (well the only one so far) I at first felt entirely out of my depth as I realised how seriously most of the other bloggers take food, drink and blogging and having now looked at their blogs I can see why. But my fellow blogger blaggers are a lovely lot, at least those that I’ve met either in the flesh or on twitter are, and I think we’re going to pull off a very successful and enjoyable event.

It is amazing how generous companies and individuals are being, I just took delivery today of six cases of fizz and beers from Chapel Down/The English Wines Group and have in safe keeping lots of bottles of liqueur from Bramley and Gage and a Film Club voucher from The Charlotte Street Hotel. Everyone just seems to want to be involved in some capacity and that makes the job of blagging SO much easier.


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