Sipping gin in The Bar at The Dorchester with old friends and new.

The other night I’d arranged to go out and meet my friend Ms F, who I’d not seen for an absolute age, for a drink. She wanted to talk fashion with me and I’m always up for that. We’d arranged to meet in a pub on Riding House Street at 6.30pm but during the day I noticed a tweet from one of my fellow Blaggers’ Banqueters, Mathilde’s Cuisine, asking if anyone would like to go to an evening of Sipsmith cocktails at The Dorchester. These days I almost NEVER go out and I thought it sounded like fun, it also started at the same time as we’d agreed to meet.

I don’t know why but I can never find The Dorchester, I always end up walking round and round Hyde Park corner and this was no exception. It’s quite weird though with all the bicycles racing past, feels like a mini Tour de France, and all the people running in suits (not really but they are obviously running home from work).

I finally met up with Ms F and we spent a great couple of hours chatting with each other and with other guests and getting to know the lovely Head of Communications at The Dorchester. The Sipsmith team were very welcoming and the cocktails were gorgeous, if you get the chance try the Prudence (you can tell I’m not a serious blogger yet or there’d be a photo of it because it looked spectacular) which is named after Sipsmith’s copper-pot. This is the first license to be granted to a copper-pot distillery in 189 years, not sure if this is interesting to those in the know or not but I find it so.

Sipsmith Vodka and Gin

The company says it’s dedicated to creating small batches, 500 bottles or fewer, of artisan spirits (gin and vodka). We got goody bags with a lovely little touch, the ingredients to make the perfect G&T, a lime, a bottle of Fever-Tree tonic and a cute (quite big for a little) bottle of gin from batch number 001 ( I know this because it was on the hand written label – sweet!). Unfortunately you can’t buy the gin and vodka from their site at the moment but you can get cocktail recipes by their master distiller Jared Brown.

If you’re really really interested they’re running cocktail masterclasses next year at The Dorchester or you can book a private class for a maximum of ten people. Classes aint cheap but this is a premium product so I suppose you couldn’t expect them to be.


One response to “Sipping gin in The Bar at The Dorchester with old friends and new.

  1. Thanks for the link! A very good evening indeed and a definitely very good gin!

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