Blaggers’ Banquet my personal thanks

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There are so many people to thank, from the bloggers that pulled the event together to the companies and individuals who so generously donated products/services/time to the Blaggers’ Banquet.

This reads like one of those dodgy acceptance speeches at an awards ceremony, but…, hey ho. This is my personal list of thank yous. This in NO WAY covers everyone involved in the project.

For coming up with the idea in the first place and coordinating the project and steering it in the right direction Niamh of Eatlikeagirl.

For being an absolute pleasure to work with on the goodie bags amongst other things Linda of with knife and fork and Ailbhe of Simply Splendiferous.

For being a fantastic blagger and also a pleasure to work with Mathilde of Mathilde’s Cuisine.

For being ultra calm and organised and leading the food team and being easy to work with Sig of Scandilicious.

For working so hard on getting tickets up for sale and coordinating the online auction which involves a good deal of work that I’m happy I don’t have to do Kavey from Kavey Eats.

For being friendly and welcoming towards me at the first meeting when I knew no one and also simply quite charming people who quietly got on with their tasks on the day and were therefore great to work with Alex of The Princess and the Recipe, Carla of Can Be Bribed With Food and also the recipe sharing site Food For Friends Yeah, Alexis of LexEat and Jassy of Gin and Crumpets.

For organising the entertainment for the banquet Billy of Cowfish.

Obviously there were many other bloggers involved but those are the ones with whom I spent most of my time. And the reasons that I’m thanking them are not the only reasons they were good to work with of course, for example Linda was also a great blagger and Billy was warm and welcoming at the first meeting….you get my drift.

Thank you of course to Huw at Hawksmoor for giving over his restaurant to a bunch of amateurs essentially. Thanks also to his head chef who turned up for a short time, looked stressed and worried and then left! And thank you to Tom who was on hand all day and evening with help and advice where we needed it.

And then, in no particular order:

Billingtons Unrefined Sugar who provided the sugar that was used in the meal and served with the coffees and teas. They also sent super cute small bags of sugar to be used in the goodie bags but unfortunately they didn’t arrive in time.

English Wines Group who provided loads of bottles of Curious Brew brut lager as well as their ale, Curious Brew Porter. They also provided several bottles of their gorgeous Chapel Down Pinot Reserve 2004 sparkling wine AND a year’s vine lease for the auction.

Hidden Tea Room provided wonderful toffee brownies for the goodie bags as well as a champagne afternoon tea for two for the auction. They also bought tickets and attended the banquet so kudos to them, wasn’t much more they could have done to help out really.

Odds and Suds gave a place on one of their brilliant soap making courses in Devon, one of the prizes that I wanted but unfortunately for me it went on the night!

The Charlotte Street Hotel
got on board early with the offer of a voucher for two to their Sunday night film club which included either afternoon tea, theirs is a favourite of mine, or a three course evening meal.

Pizza Paradiso, family friends of mine, gave a voucher for dinner for two at one of their three London restaurants.

Dorset Cereals donated a set of Dorset Cereals’ new porridges, complete with Dorset Cereals winter porridge bowls and mugs made by British potter Keith Brymer Jones. They also sent us variety boxes of cereals to go in the goodie bags but again they turned up too late. I distributed those to as many different people as I could at my gym.

Gary Rhodes gave us a signed copy of his Time To Eat book.

The very lovely Rosanna at The Dorchester donated a gift certificate for two for dinner at The Grill at The Dorchester.

Bramley and Gage donated a bottle of their super scrumptious and award winning Quince Liqueur which was mixed with the Chapel Down Pinot to make decadent welcoming cocktails. Bramley and Gage also gave us a selection of their miniatures which were given away in the raffle.

Sara Noble with whom I spent an excellent afternoon with hand screen printing the bags. Actually Sara did most of the printing and I did most of the dogsbody stuff – it was all good though. Post and photos to follow shortly. Sara also runs the crochet and knitting class at my local library which I WILL be attending this week.

who provided boxes of their chocolate truffles for the goodie bags.

Lipton Infusions who provided boxes of tea for the goodie bags.

Bibulous who provided sets of tickets for two for each of the goodie bags.

Decoder who sponsored the goodie bags – ie they donated the money to pay for the bags, they also helped with some of the preparation of the graphics needed for the printing process.

And last but by no means least a thank you to the PRs I dealt with who I found to be exceptionally personable and helpful:

Edwina at Wild Card
James and Mandy at Positive PR
Su-Lin at Slo-London


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