Lazy cakey Sundays

Photography doesn’t come naturally to me – I can take rather good photos with an old SLR we have but with digital cameras I’m crap and moreover I just don’t think about taking photos, like…I NEVER think about it. But with blogging I’ve been trying to be a bit better about photographing things and I’ve now joined this AMAZING knitting site (I joined ages ago but I’ve only just started using it) more of which later, and I decided to take photos of the various knitting projects I’ve got on the go to upload them to (the aforementioned knitting site).

So on Sunday I set about taking photos (actually I passed the job over to my son) and because we’d both worked so hard I decided to bake a cake to have for afternoon tea.

I made a scrumptious orange (victoria) sponge with a lightly scented orange buttercream and a beautifuly tangy and sharp redcurrant conserve type thing.

It looks kind of gross in the photo so here’s a slice, which looks much more delicious I think.


What do you think? Please do let me know by leaving a comment

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