I signed up to this challenge to write a book in 21 days, 2000 words per day. I did this in a moment of madness of which I have many. Is it not enough that I already have this blog plus my sosusie yarns blog that I don’t write on, as well as the day job albeit a part time day job AND the stall which is starting to look like it could take up a fair bit of time because it’s starting to be pretty successful. So, in an attempt to give myself even more to do and set myself up for an even bigger fall, I seem to like doing this, I’m going to add a page here to ramble about my attempts to write a book.

The adding of a page that I can post to may take me a while.

Also, and this has nothing to do with writing, why don’t I have half of the ingredients for supper tonight (thai green chicken curry) even though I carefully planned out what I would be cooking and went shopping at the weekend. Looks like my planning was a teensy bit flawed.


One response to “Writing

  1. Or somebody ate half the ingriedients!

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