Food food glorious food

I love food, I thought that I would post lots about cooking and eating and then I lost my nerve a bit….I started reading food blogs and met quite a few food bloggers through the Blaggers’ Banquet and I thought I really wasn’t good enough at cooking or interested enough in eating to begin to think I could blog about food. In many ways I’m correct but isn’t that the beauty of the internet, we’re all free to post what we want? I’m pretty crap at taking photos, I’m not sure I’m that hot at writing, I’ve got loads to learn about how to actually use the blog but still…what the heck!

So, I just added a page for food, but I can’t work out how to post to pages so I’m going to delete it. Ditto my write a book in 21 days page. Here is some food made by me recently and a fish pie made by my son.

Chicken pie

This is what my friend HR means when she says mac'n'cheese

My son has decided that he is going to cook the main meal once a week at least and he seems to go for quite fiddly things like kedgeree, meatballs in a baked tomato sauce, fish pie – an below is his fish pie offering split in half by a blanket of cheddar cheese (for me) and a not blanket for him. Pie obviously serves more than two.

J's half'n'half fish pie


One response to “Food food glorious food

  1. Hadn’t checked your site for a month and wham loads of posts in March! Delicious looking pies (you’ve gotta love a pie) and lucky you with a son who wants to cook. Wish my OH (who can cook when he wants to) would do a meal once a week : )

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