Absolutely loving this make do mend style blog

Have been following this blog for a while now, in so much as I regularly follow any blogs – KristenMakes – I spent ages catching up with it last night and what struck me was how many things Kristen has knitted for herself. I’m just coming to the end of the first full garment I’ve knitted for myself in ages and I feel inspired to hurry up and make something else now.

Kristen is taking part in something called Me-Made-March which is all about appreciating homemade things and wearing them and I believe that you pledge to wear at least one homemade, from scratch, sewn, knitted, crocheted, upcycled or refashioned, or whatever, piece every day in March. I wouldn’t be able to do it but maybe I’ll work towards that for next year.

There are also links to other making clothes-y blogs that are excellent and, again, that make me want to get on with clothes making.


3 responses to “Absolutely loving this make do mend style blog

  1. I’m a regular follower of KirstenMakes too and have come across a number of bloggers participating in the me-made-march, and I take my hat off to them, they have inspired me to actually attempt to make some clothes myself. Thanks for sharing.

  2. HI! You found me on Ravelry, so here I am looking your blog and HULLO! Wow, I am so honoured you enjoy my blog! I’ve hopped over to your sosusie yarns blog too and now that I know of your stall, next time I’m in London on a Saturday I’ll have to stop by & visit! Zoe’s Me-Made months are AWESOME! I had to miss out on Me-Made June, but am excited to participate in Self-Stitched September. The challenge is so rewarding.

  3. Hello Kristen,
    Yikes, I’m still not a proper blogger, every time I get a comment I get thrown in to severe embarrassment at the thought that someone has read my blog, this was particularly true with you as I do enjoy your blog so much.
    Anyway, yes – I’d like to take part in one of these projects but I think at the moment I have too much on, my dad had a stroke a few months ago and my sister and I are doing most of the caring for him, but hopefully thinks will be calmer soon and I can do one next year.
    Yes love your blog and have been so inspired by all the knitting you’ve done. I’m terrible at finishing things and hardly ever makes stuff for myself but am starting to. Am actually doing a project for someone else at the moment and really enjoying it but it’s a cardigan that I saw first on your blog. Thanks!

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