Well well well. Busy times

I’ve been up to loads of fun things in the past couple of weeks, a couple of which I shall touch on here:

I have been to a meeting at our local knitting group pub, The Stapleton Arms, about starting up a new Women’s Institute group in our area. This excites me so much as I tried to join an almost local one about a year and a half ago. I went along to a taster meeting, they were just doing a social night and were going bowling, and I was all fired up to join when they informed me they were disbanding. Disappointed but not so much as to set up my own group I went on my merry way casting dreams of WI aside. And then, a few weeks ago there started to be rumblings about setting one up in Stroud Green spearheaded by the lovely MissAnnie and my jam making fantasies (not really fantasies – see my next post) were reawoken.

I’ve bought some excellent crafty/lifestyley/cookery books recently most notably Supper Club by Kerstin Rodgers and this little beauty –

1945 book on crafts
Crafting the old-skool way.

Both were bought from the very charming and rather excellent The Book Barge which, I have to say, wasn’t the book barge I thought it was going to be. One of the other stall holders at Archway Market, J who runs the secondhand book stall, has started up a bookshop on a barge but he doesn’t deal in new books and The Book Barge does. Both shops are very interesting, J’s will tour London only and TBB is in the middle of touring England.


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