A couple of strange sightings

Whilst at the beach on our weekend trip to Deal we spotted a trio of people walking on water

Three people appearing to walk on water

Walking on water

Ok, so you can see in this picture that they are on boards and they have paddles but when we first sited them we couldn’t and it was very strange indeed.

The other strange sighting? Having a quick drink at a canal side drinkerie for a colleague’s leaving do Dr M and I decided to take a wander up a pathway along the canal running beyond a closed gate. I thought this rather daring of us as I suspected the closed gate meant no entry (ok I admit we asked permission before we set off) in any case it was very tranquil and green. There was a disused pedalo hauled onto its side propped against a wall and then this…

Canalside loo

Canal side loo

I guess if you’re a barge or narrow boat dweller this won’t be an unfamiliar site to you? But I’m not one and to happen upon a proper flushing toilet on the banks of the canal – this was it, there weren’t any doors or walls for privacy, and the hole is rather high up so I can’t really imagine you’re meant to sit on it waving to passersby as you do your business – was a cause of much mirth to Dr M and me.


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