Exam stress

Well, we’ve had a really stressful few days. My son did well in his a-levels but not as well as he needed to get in to his first choice university nor his second choice. It appears that his school didn’t cash in one of his grades which meant that his first choice uni was waiting for ages before it could make a decision and once it did have all his grades it still took ages to decide and it then took another age for the negative decision to come through on UCAS. Ditto second choice university. He had to go through clearing but had already secured a verbal offer from a university he was interested in going to, one of the ones on his original list of five, and all he had to do was apply via UCAS…..here’s where the stress really began because it wasn’t until 8.30pm that he was released from his second choice uni which meant that his application to where he is now going couldn’t be processed until the following day (late in the day) and we were fearful that all the places would have gone.

I’m meant to be getting ready to head off to the market – http://sosusieyarns.blogspot.co.uk/ – so I can’t write anything particularly insightful at the moment. Suffice to say, it hasn’t been fun, I’m so relieved it’s all sorted and well done son.


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