Blog crap

Just realised quite how bad I am at blogging. I’ve spent almost all of the afternoon trying to download photos from my camera to my computer, to no avail. And now, I press on an icon on my dashboard thinking that that will take me to write a new post and instead it takes me to notifications of likes and comments over the past year that I’ve never even seen! Doh.

Well anyway. I’magonna make an effort yo.

There have been a couple of MAJOR things going on in my life over the past two years that I’ve not felt would be right to write about and yet that have been all that I could think about, both of which left me feeling more negative than positive (in general) and I didn’t much want to write about that – not in any public way, at least.

One, my father’s stroke is ongoing but he is much better and he, my sister and I, now have systems in place to look after and support him and he is able to do much more for himself these days, he even spent a couple of months in Dominica earlier this year and he hopes to do the same next year.

The other, the breakdown of my marriage, is now common knowledge – our children know and, in any case, life goes on. This year I’ve been concentrating on getting out there and reacquainting myself with who I used to be, before I got bogged down by adulthood and life. So, hopefully, this blog will be back to rambling – in a good way – about what I’m up to in my quest to re-be me.


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