Cooking with Red Magazine and Shelina Permalloo: Part 1 – morning

So, August 10th saw me racing to Central London to join a day long cookery class with Masterchef winner, Shelina Permalloo. They day was hosted by Red Magazine (I’ve gone to a few of their events since then and they’ve all been excellent and stimulating) and was held at La Cucina Caldesi. I, as usual, was running late and having forgotten to put on any deodorant had to stop en route at one of those fabulous pharmacies on Wigmore Street to buy some. It felt a bit uncouth spritzing my armpits hiding away in a corner of the shop but it was necessary as cooking is hot business.

When I arrived Shelina was just starting on a demo so I sloped to the back of the room to settle in. I was welcomed by Pip who is the Lifestyle Director of Red Magazine and he completely put me at my ease – whilst I’m always trying to cram in just one more thing before I set off anywhere, I really can’t bare being late. I was brought a cup of coffee by one of the school’s staff (and they were both brilliant, they quietly and calmly worked nonstop ensuring that the day ran effortlessly – for us, at least) and Shelina’s enthusiasm oozing style quickly had me enthralled.

Morning coffee

A lovely strong coffee to kickstart the day

Over the course of the morning Shelina demoed a number of recipes from her book, ‘Shelina: Sunshine On A Plate’, including; Spicy Beef Patties, Spicy Quinoa Salsa and (I think – my memory plays tricks on me) Coriander and Mint Chutney.

And then, it was over to us


Shelina in action


Chop chop chopping…

ImagePeppers ready for the salsa

My cooking partner, Peta, mixing up ingredients

Whizzing, mixing and a pool of deliciously spiced  and seasoned (which means salt and pepper) oil…. Apparently, you’re not allowed to say salt on the BBC!?

A pool of oil floating atop salsa veg

A pool of oil floating atop salsa veg

Salsa ingredients before the addition of quinoa

Salsa ingredients before the addition of quinoa

Spicy Quinoa Salsa

Spicy Quinoa Salsa

Mint, coriander, garlic, tomatoes waiting to be whizzedMint and coriander sauce action shot

And when all of that was over the work benches were miraculously turned into tables – almost worth booking in to a course there just for this – and we sat down to eat what we had cooked plus perfect steamed rice (it’s all in the washing apparently but I just can’t be arsed with that).

Now, our beef patties don’t look that sexy but by Jove they were good, succulent and juicy and perfectly spiced.

Not the most beautiful but definitely the most delicious

Washed down with a good few glugs of red wineA glug of red wine like the chef I am


2 responses to “Cooking with Red Magazine and Shelina Permalloo: Part 1 – morning

  1. I had to sign up for my own blog, just to put a like on yours. I have now spent too long on it and the image I have chosen is all squashed and looks ridiculous AND it says Error 404 page not found. Oh well. I wasn’t planning on blogging. Maybe when the book’s nearing completion I shall do so

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