Today I was a golfing star

We spent the afternoon at Northwick Park mucking around with golf clubs and balls.

Beginning with nine holes of crazy golf, based on holes from courses used for major tournaments and ending with 25 balls each on the driving range.

Crazy golf is a bit of a tradition in our family, the kids are grown up now but we still enjoy a quick turn round a course now and again. We went a few years ago for D’s birthday and he wanted to go again this year and we just managed to squeeze it in before A and J go back to university (both are away this weekend – booooo).


ImageI seemed to do very well off the tee but lost it a couple of times on the green…


 J played his usual game which saw him whacking the ball and consequently having to drop it back into play on practically every other hole but here he is going for a par.


A managed not to lose her cool too too much, which is unusual


And D played a calm and sure round. He’s trying to avoid the bunker here.


I’m not sure that I found this to be as much fun as standard crazy golf – with concrete and bridges and trick holes – but I’m glad that we tried it out. I think it somehow made us all that bit more serious, pretending to be the beautiful Seve, I found myself pacing out my shots.

After the crazy golf we went and hit a few balls each on the driving range. It’s funny, I grew up in a golfing family – both my parents and my brother and sister played – and yet, I’ve never played. No surprises then to hear that I’m not very good. It was fun, maybe I’ll take up golf when I hit fifty.



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