A welcome home supper that was so late in the making it turned into a goodbye supper

When my children come home from university there are usually foodie requests – normally it’s lasagne and a good old roast or two but this summer my son asked for chicken soup with dumplings, dumplings being THE important component.

Somehow or other, the days turned into weeks turned into months and we found ourselves days before J was due to head back to university having still not consumed the precious dumplings all dense and chewy with more than a hint of sweetness. So, on a mission I headed out to our local butcher, bought a good sized chicken and some carrots and came home to cook up a West Indian storm.

Cooking West Indian chicken and dumpling soup As I write this, I realise that there really ought to be a recipe here but…there isn’t – sorry!

It’s essentially a whole fresh raw chicken, a sweet potato cut into cubes, a couple of sticks of cinnamon, half a lime, a chopped onion, a whole scotch bonnet pepper (beautiful flavour), chicken stock and seasoning (see earlier post on Shelina Permaloo).

Starting on the dumplings

Making a start on the dumplings which are; flour, salt, butter, sugar (think that’s it). I decided to double the recipe to be sure we had enough and boy, did we have enough…the soup was almost entirely dumpling. Ahhh…just how we like it.

Chicken and dumpling soupThis looks grotesque, I know it, but it was so so good.

The scotch bonnet fell apart in the cooking, it’s the risk you take for the very particular flavour they have and to be honest, one scotch bonnet is perfectly manageable.


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