Cooking with Red Magazine and Shelina Permalloo: Part 2 – afternoon

After washing an exceptionally tasty lunch down with plenty of wine, the tables were cleared, returned to work benches and it was back to watching Shelina demo a couple of dishes one of which was our dessert to be and the other, a little take-out treat.

Before making our dessert we assembled (because Shelina had made the filling and we were using samosa wrappers) our potato and pea samosas which were to be fried by the La Cucina Caldesi staff whilst we got on with making and eating the syllabubs.

I must say, I’m a bit of an idiot when it comes to making every bit of a meal but I’m sold on samosa wrappers.

My potato and pea samosas in the frying lineMy samosas, waiting to be fried until golden and crispy.

Mango, rum and lime syllabub

The finished syllabubs, waiting to be devoured.

I really wasn’t convinced by the dessert ingredients which included ginger biscuits (ginger nut stylee), mango, desiccated coconut and rum,  I dunno, it’s the ginger biscuit that doesn’t appeal and even after devouring a sumptuously decadent and delicious tasting dessert I still, intellectually, think nooooooo… It feels like ruining perfectly good mango, it isn’t though – it’s indulgent but fresh, sweet but not cloying and sickly, vibrant (that’s the lime) and also well rounded (that’ll be the vanilla) with a beautiful crunch laid on by the ginger biscuits and the coconut. Honestly, if you’ve got the book, try out Mango, Rum and Lime Syllabub.

Loading up the dessertMango on mango








The only daytime drinking I can get away with is festival beer and my reasoning for this is that it’s so watered down it hardly makes a difference. In any case, I’m somewhat tiddly in this photo as, on top of my wine with lunch, Peta and I had a bloody good slosh of rum in our puds and I believe I snuck in a glug to boot (just to make sure the rum was okay though…).

Slightly tipsy and so happy

Cruncy samosasAhhhh…these were so tasty. Anyone want to invite me to a party? Perhaps I’ll bring some of these along to share.

Shelina and SusieWhat a happy day I had. And it didn’t end here, I went on to meet up with an old old friend that I hadn’t seen in years who just happens to be best friends with a new friend of mine. We were joined by a few of their girlfriends and we spent a most pleasant evening supping beer and chatting away.


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