An au revoir brunch with child number one

Just before sending her packing, off back to university, A and I went out for a ‘Ladies who lunch’ brunch. We pootled round Crouch End a bit and plumped for a drink and a bite to eat in The Haberdashery. I haven’t been to The Haberdashery that many times but on the few occasions that I have, I’ve enjoyed it perfectly well. It’s a quirky little place at the centre of the Barboot events (held on the first Friday evening of every month) and worth, in my opinion, supporting for that alone. Thankfully, as well as offering an interesting collection of events, they also make damn fine food and not just for brunch!


We sat in the back room, up a small flight of stairs, which – I’m sure – used to be the garden. For some reason the waiter felt we would appreciate the quiet of the back room over the hustle and bustle of the front and I have to admit it was nice to just concentrate on chatting and eating with few distractions, though I did find it hard not to join in with a conversation a couple of tables behind us were having on what to do with their glut of plums.


A looking like a little cutie.

Sadly, we couldn’t quite go the whole hog and quaff champagne (prosecco) as they only sell it by the bottle, and I was driving, so we made do with a big mug of tea and a coffee.

I’m writing this up some time after the event and lots of events have happened since then so, I’m afraid I can’t comment in detail on the food – I had eggy bread, I know that much, which was good but I like mine a little less bready and a whole lot more eggy (well – eggy mixture). I wanted one of their delicious looking croissants too but I couldn’t fit anything else in, they were selling like hotcakes though so even if I hadn’t have been stuffed I’d have missed out.


They’ve just opened a Haberdashery in Stoke Newington too, which I would expect is well worth checking out if you’re in the area.


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