A Room with a (Keble) View

As an add-on to my job, I was given the opportunity to help organise a residential conference which took place early in September. I have worked on events before but nothing quite like this and it quickly, though not quickly enough, transpired that rather than just helping out here and there, I was actually the conference organiser. In the couple of months that led up to the conference I was snowed under but thankfully, I was able to rope in a helper – in the form of one of my colleagues, who was an absolute dream. If I’d not managed to get N on board I don’t think that I would have managed to pull off a success, let alone the great success that the weekend was.

The conference was being held at Keble College which is one of the University of Oxford colleges; it is made up of stunning red brick buildings (designed by William Butterfield) and quite unlike most of the other colleges. I think people often think of it as ugly, in comparison to the more traditional looking colleges, but I think it is drop dead gorgeous and if you’re in the area you really should take a peek at the chapel and the hall (which made us all feel as though we’d stepped straight into a Harry Potter set).

ESLRR Keble signMaking sure we didn’t get lost.

Some people got rather duff rooms but mine was great, it was spacious and peaceful and I was seriously impressed with all the storage they’d managed to hide (so much so that H, who had a similar room to me, didn’t even find half of hers!).

A Room with a Keble viewAnd I had the most gorgeous view out of my window…

Anyway, the conference went so well that jokes abounded about my boss chairing the next one and us returning to Oxford again – hahahahaha, not without a team of people to help me I say. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I’m also a worrier and the two together do not always a winning combination make.

Oxford, I loved you and I did enjoy flouncing about pretending to be a student there but…I’m STILL recovering. Also, I didn’t think much to my night out in the town centre but then, I do live in London where we are utterly spoilt. I had a super supper at Brasserie Blanc the night before the conference began and I’d certainly go there again.


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