Ally Pally Fireworks display

I went and watched the Alexandra Palace fireworks display from a great vantage point, just one block along from Ferme Park Road the view was incredible. Now, of course, you don’t get the same atmosphere as you would if you actually bought a ticket and rocked up early to the park to take in all the extra entertainment that had been put on (in truth, it never even occurred to me that you’d need to buy a ticket in advance. Doh.) But…I didn’t mind. I went with child number one and we met up with a few of her friends. A bought a couple of packets of sparklers on the way up to meet S and they really made the evening.

Unfortunately I don’t have any good photos of the fireworks as my camera phone wasn’t up to getting photos of quality and distinction (sorry that’s a play on a B.E.F. title, Music of Quality and Distinction) from that distance and in that light. I did however manage to capture this….

A clutching her sparklersA proudly clutching her sparklers and munching on salt and vinegar crisps, or as she used to…heh heh

This is meant to be me with the fireworks in the backgroundThat funny lighting behind me???..That’s a really quite impressive firework.

Sparkler fun 5 Sparkler fun 2 Sparkler fun 1 Sparkler fun3 Sparkler greedSomeone’s being a bit greedy here. For some reason A decided to light all the remaining sparklers at once, I think with a view to sharing them out, but it was so windy that none of us could get close enough to take them off of her.

Sparkler Pom PomsA doing an impression of a cheerleader.

After the fireworks had finished, A headed into Crouch End with her friends and I ambled back to my old house to make supper. As D had already eaten I decided to try out the one pot pasta that I’d seen on both The Londoner’s blog and on Rachel Phipp’s blog (yes, I know, I’ve mentioned both of those blogs in this and my previous post – well, they’re good blogs and I read them most days).

One pot spaghetti rawI added spaghetti, peas, tomatoes, thinly sliced carrots, bay leaf, thyme (it’s all that I had), mushrooms, chilli, a splosh of olive oil AND a knob of butter, and…a stock cube. I added cold water, brought it to the boil uncovered and then covered it, boiling for five or so minutes. I then took the lid off and boiled and stirred for another five minutes or so, until almost all of the liquid was gone – and I was left with a glistening sauce for my throw-together supper.

One pot spaghetti cookedBuried under a generous blanket of grated parmesan, it really was delicious. So simple, so easy, so cheap and easy and convenient. This definitely ought to be in the busy person’s repertoire.

Update – Jan, 2014 – the one pot pasta recipe originated, I believe, here – Martha Stewart. I read the post by The Londoner and the one by Rachel Phipps though and referred to none of them when making my supper. Have just been reading about good crediting form on blog posts so thought I’d best pop that in!


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