An unexpected night out

So a couple of weeks ago (this post did originally start out, last night.., ah well), rather than going out to the cinema, I ended up meeting a couple of friends and my sister and going to a gig. I’d originally said that I didn’t want to go to this gig as, when I’d previously seen the band I’d not been blown away – but J ended up with a couple of spare tickets so I thought..why not.

Before meeting up with them though, I decided to go and try (yes, I’m really late to the party – I’m playing catchup now and I’m enjoying it) Shake Shack in Covent Garden. I’m trying not to spend too much money and, as I’d already taken A out to Royal China and Recipease (just for coffee) that week, I didn’t go overboard. I ordered the smallest of everything…but couldn’t resist the cheesy chips…mmmm mmmm mmmm, and so glad I am about that too as they were scrumptious, so crunchy with an generous serving of oozing cheese sauce poured over…mmm mmm mmm. I went for the SmokeShack and whilst it didn’t quite look like all the photos that I’ve seen of it on various blogs (I realise that people must be ordering the double patty burger) it lived up to the taste.

Shake ShackShake Shack buzzerBuzzzz…waiting for my burger to be called….

Shake Shack burger and cheese chipsCheese heaven times two…

I got to Shepherd’s Bush a little early – so blinkin rare for me – and went for a wander, round the green a couple of times and over towards Westfield.

Westfield stepsCue Rocky impression time….luckily there weren’t too many people around to catch my movie reenactment, but those that were gave me a wide berth.

It’s an absolute age since I’ve been to Shepherd’s Bush Empire, it’s kind of like a mini Brixton Academy – with its ornate carvings on the balconies and its sloped main floor where once there used to be seating (I suppose).

02 Shepherd's Bush Empire

Almost as soon as we got into the main room I spied a couple of dear friends…one not so dear if he doesn’t sort out that drink soon, from the band THUMPERS, who had just got back from a European tour supporting the excellent CHVRCHES.  THUMPERS are playing on December 11 at The Old Blue Last in East London and again next February at The Lexington, in Islington.

The gig was fun, and MSMR do have a good energy – the female lead especially so. I do really like a couple of their songs and a couple of the tracks made me want to dance but yeh, I’m definitely not a mega-fan. That being said, I did enjoy the show.

2013-11-05 22.11.112013-11-05 22.12.29My sister, looking like a little cutie pootie.

2013-11-05 22.13.11Me, looking like a red-faced…um..person – which is what I was.


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