A short, but glorious, walk in the park

I’ve been feeling off-colour all weekend – mostly self-inflicted, but I managed to haul my arse off the sofa and go for a little walk this afternoon. I decided to extend my trip out for a pint of milk and get back to exploring my new neighbourhood and took a tour round Queen’s Park. It was almost dusk by the time I got there and, sadly, the cafe was just closing but it’s a charming park, full of families with young children and a huge ‘Christmas’ tree which is almost collapsing under the weight of a thousand fairy lights.


(I don’t actually know how many lights there are.)

Apparently there are, amongst other things, (I saw none of this as I took the shortest route possible, scared that I might get locked in if I wandered off course too much) six tennis courts, there is also pitch and putt, pétanque, a small zoo…who knew!? I did see the lovely bandstand though; it reminded me of being in Greenwich Park where I’ve enjoyed watching the odd brass band playing out from its bandstand.

The most noteworthy thing about my walk however, was the utterly utterly gorgeous sunset.



I ended my walk by popping in to one of the Salusbury trio of establishments (I must also go to the pub) The Salusbury Foodstore, and picking up a hunk of a slice of chocolate fudge cake, which was gorgeous, which was washed down with a cuppa whilst catching up on the first episode of Liberty of London. I did actually shed a tear at the end of it..I’m pathetic, I know, but it was really touching.


2 responses to “A short, but glorious, walk in the park

  1. You have moved Susie !!! How is that even possible ? Not only that, but you’ve moved to my old stomping ground of Salusbury Road in Queens Park by the look of it ! It is a great area and i wish you happiness there. I liked your Christmas Pudding recipe. Mmmmm.
    Happy new year to you and yours. Love to all there. xxx

    PS. I may be in England at the end of January/beginning February. If i get there it would be nice to meet up with you ‘s and catch up. I’ll let you know if i make it.

    • Hey Kevin,

      Ha! Yes, I moved but, I’ll be moving back in a couple of weeks. It’s a long old story. I do really like the area though so I may yet end up there/here.

      Get baking….well, chopping a freezing.

      I ought to be around then so do let me know..I hope all is well with you.

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