Buying a Christmas wreath

A and I had an evening out in East London last week, beginning with a trip to pick up a wreath from Larkspur and Lavender. Sally, who owns the company, is just lovely, she’s cool, a bit edgy, warm and friendly (you probably will want her to become a friend) and she has the most incredible sense of flower style. I’m really quite fussy about flowers, and whilst I don’t necessarily have the skills or the creativity to put together the arrangements that I like, I know them as soon as I see them. Sally creates exactly what I would, if I could, and this year I didn’t even bother to specify what I wanted out of the wreath, knowing instead that whatever Sally created, I would love.

2013-12-19 17.39.53Sally at work, packaging up our wreath.

Sally works out of a container just off Mare Street in Hackney, she does a fair bit of commercial work but she also runs the occasional floristry day course and she will work to commission (though she won’t normally deliver for a small one-off order) and I wish that I had the occasion to commission her to create arrangements for me more regularly than I do.

2013-12-19 17.41.12   2013-12-19 17.40.27Various flora, waiting to be turned into something subtly spectacular (if that’s not a contradiction in terms…and, even if it is one).

2013-12-19 17.40.42A watching Sally at work.

Christmas wreath 2013And our stunning wreath. It got slightly battered having to go, as it did, to a jewellery sale and a birthday party, before finally making it back to our house.


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