Dinner à un (or…should that be une, or seul)

Ahhh…I had such a lovely evening last night.

Oh how I do like my own company. It’s one of the things that I’ve learned, in this short time that I’ve been here (I’m moving back to North London within the next week), along with the fact that I can look after myself and manage on my own. Ha! Hooray.

In any case, as I’ve so little time left here I thought I’d best take myself to the pub that I’ve been eye-ing up since the day I arrived (though at that time it was closed for refurbishment) as I surely won’t come back specially once I’ve moved.

I’m afraid the combination of me losing my photo taking nerves and the low lighting means that I don’t have anything good to show you and what follows visually, really doesn’t do the meal justice.

2014-01-07 21.12.53

I had a short rib beef burger with pickles and watercress and beautiful fat, fluffy on the inside/crispy on the outside, hand-cut chips. I’d asked for the burger to be cooked to medium (unusual for me as I’m normally scared a request for medium will turn out something so dry that I’ll be gasping for water with every swallow) and it was just how I like it, browned on the outside with a little caramelised crumb and PINK, not red, on the inside. I’d also ordered a side of brussel tops which, like the greens on Monday, came with a generous amount of finger-licking salty butter (finger-licking because I couldn’t resist dunking my burger and bun into the little pool of buttered greens juice that accumulated at the bottom of the serving dish).

2014-01-07 21.35.43All that was left of an incredibly satisfying meal

I could have stayed in The Salusbury all evening, in fact…I could spend a lot of time there. I loved the feel of the place and felt completely comfortable being there on my own. The music was sort of cool funky, with Michael Jackson and some weird mash up version of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s get it on’ springing to mind, (gah, you’d never guess I spent so many years working in the music industry..I’m really bad at categorizing stuff!) and played to a level that lifted the mood whilst still allowing proper conversation. There was an interesting mix of customer and the service was beautiful.

All of this plus a pint of Estrella AND change for a twenty pound note. Result!


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