A Liverpool weekend with child number one – part two

Saturday started late, in a hurry and with a hangover. Oh yes, didn’t I say… after 81Ltd, A dragged me to a student house party!! In fact, I didn’t feel nearly as awkward as I thought I would and, as the hangover could attest, I ended up getting into the spirit and having quite a good time dancing round the sitting room.

We had booked in to have a mini tutorial at MAC in the Met Quarter and woke with just enough time to shower, pop a paracetamol and run, head in hands, for the bus. Luckily, we passed a West Indian takeaway on the way to the bus stop so we dove in to get a patty each, deciding on the spot that we’d come back later for our supper.

What's for supperYum yum yum…can’t wait for supper

I’m not sure quite why, but A and I were ridiculously excited about our tutorials. On arrival we were each assigned a makeup artist and were taken through to a back room which was all huge mirrors, bright lights and spinning stools. Although they were only booking half hour sessions that day which wasn’t really long enough, we had a good time and did learn a thing or two. By day (if I remember and am not running too too late) I’m a slick of eye shadow and a bit of blush  kind of a gal but I’d really like to look more polished and ‘put together’ so I ought to have chosen to learn about foundations or something like that, instead, I chose an alternative smokey eye. A chose face coverage. I’ve a friend who is a makeup artist and she sometimes tries looks out on me, it always amazes me how many layers and stages there are to most looks and my smokey eye look was no different. Because it was a lesson, and not a makeover, we actually had to apply the makeup ourselves! The technique was demoed on one side and then the brushes were handed over to us.

MAC tutorial A

I felt really nervous and unconfident – sort of all fingers and thumbs, but my teacher was great and encouraging and I got the hang of it. At the end of the session you’re given a little paper face upon which the makeup artist has applied your look and the details of all the products used.

MAC tutorial instruction cardHere’s my paper face being put together

You do pay for the session but the cost is completely redeemable against purchases and, as the makeup artists finished both our faces off for us, I reckon that if you’re in need of a lipstick or something, this is quite a cool way of getting ready for a night out. Pop in to a shop, get your makeup done whilst learning a trick or two, and then walk out with the lipstick you always intended to buy. Win win.

It seemed funny to be walking out in FULL faces not long after noon and, moreover, with nowhere to go, but, that really is par for the course in Liverpool so we blended right in.

We decided to take a turn on The Wheel of Liverpool and so headed down towards the docks, passing these cute boats which are run as luxury apartments, bookable by the night.

Pimp my boat then rent it outFancy a night on The Yellow Submarine, or The Titanic?

It was such a dreary day but that provided for a wonderful atmospheric and moody snap of the wheel.

Moody Liverpool Eye

I’ve never been on the London Eye, not sure why – it’s not that I’m scared of heights, I think it’s the speed at which the Eyes turn, it’s just way WAY way too slow for me but the Wheel of Liverpool runs quite quickly, so that was okay. I’m not talking fairground Ferris wheel fast but quick enough to not stress out about how long you have to be stuck in a little pod for.

A on the Eye

Post MAC A

View from the Eye 2

View from the Eye 1

I think this almost looks as though it could have been painted

Don't look down

The view from above..

After The Wheel, we ambled our way back to A’s house stopping off at an amazing shop (which will be the subject of its own post) and St Luke’s Church which is a stunning, bombed out Gothic church.  I’ve walked past St Luke’s several times and never been in and I’m glad that I managed to this time round. It’s so odd, it really is a shell, the exterior walls remain intact but when you go inside it’s a different story. There are some wonderful before and after photos on the website above. There are all sorts of workshops and events going on at St Luke’s and they also run an (necessarily, as you’ll see from the photos below) outdoor cinema.

Looking up the central aisle of St Luke's Close up of St Luke's windows

Love the stunning elongated and pointed windows

A and the Lions

Lions at St Luke's Chuch

And the lions on their own, in all their glory.

I fell absolutely in love with St Luke’s or, as the locals know it, The Bombed Out Church.

Though there had been talk of a ‘proper’ night out, all that A and I had the energy left to do was crawl the rest of the way home, order food (so lucky that Raggas did deliveries) and watch crap tv. Bliss.

Tomorrow – afternoon tea and au revoir.


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  1. Loving your blog Miss Susie! Keep it up 🙂

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