A Liverpool weekend with child number one – part three (the final part)

We rose late, again, but this time there was no rush so we just pottered about the house getting ready at our own slow pace. I’d booked us in for afternoon tea at Cuthbert’s Bakehouse which turned out to be just a short skip from the station, so we were able to really relax (which resulted in me almost missing my train!).

Table reservation at Cuthberts

Cute table reservation

Never being ones to miss the opportunity for a few bubbles A and I had plumped for the ‘High Tea’ which was code for not only prosecco but also sandwiches, cakes and pastries galore..

Sandwiches and cake at Cuthberts

Everything was so good, I’m not totally convinced by the mini bagels but, they’re a cute idea. The macarons were delightful with a good crisp shell that had a nice chew to it. To be honest, the cakes were all good – but I can never really manage much of the sweeter of the sweet offerings, preferring instead the scones with just the thinnest covering, a smudge really, of red berry jam and lashings of clotted cream.

Cake at Cuthberts

A white and dark chocolate coated strawberry adorns a slice of beautifully dense and rich chocolate cake.

Beast of a scone

Oh, just look at that – pure perfection.

The scones were gorgeous, along the lines of the scones that I make (using my autie’s secret recipe) – all huge and rough and ready (to look at, not to eat). I like them to have a real bite, a good crust, and then to be floury but at the same time light and fluffy on the inside. These scones were all that and more.

And do you know what? We got all this for £15 per head. Now that, my London friends, is what you’d call a bargain. Fair warning though, afternoon tea has to be booked at least 24 hours in advance so you can’t just rock up if the mood suddenly strikes.

By the way, I found out about Cuthbert’s and Leaf via an article in The Independent. Probably worth checking the link out if you’re on the hunt for afternoon teas as the two places that I tried (okay I didn’t have afternoon tea at Leaf) were very good indeed.

I left with a goody box stuffed full of treats that we just couldn’t fit in, so that was my snacks for the train all sorted (actually, there was far more left over than even I could manage as a snack).


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