Carnival costume, here I come.

So, as promised here, this is a cheeky little (bonus) Liverpool post….

On the long walk back from The Wheel of Liverpool, back up Bold Street, I spied the most glorious looking costume jewellery shop. Now anybody that knows me well at all, knows that I’m a SUCKER for a bit of bling and this shop had razzle and dazzle written all over it. Actually, it’s called Claudia Pink. Claudia Pink has an array of fantastic, huge necklaces – to call them statement, would be an understatement. I wanted to buy a few of them but settled on the one that had drawn me into the shop.

Happy with my Claudia Pink necklace

This necklace seems to be a bit like marmite – people either love or hate it. What do you think?

As well as the usual pieces you’d expect to find in a jewellery shop, they also sell body pieces  and a rather wonderful line in headdresses. They also custom make a lot of pieces and apparently make lots of costumes for the Liverpool Carnival – Brazilica Festival which is, so they tell me, more Mardi Gras than Notting Hill. Anyway, this got me to thinking, when it’s time for H, F, C and I to be shaking our booties, kind of like in the photo below, I know where I shall go to get me a costume!

Carnival bums


2 responses to “Carnival costume, here I come.

  1. Yay! Me too…obviously. One of my favourite people at work really doesn’t like it, it’s not subtle enough for him. Mwah ha. Quite.

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