Shopping in Paris – THE supermarket

On a recent trip to Paris – more of which later – I made a beeline to my favourite French shop, Monoprix. Monoprix is sort of like a cross between Waitrose and Marks and Spencer. I mean, it’s a supermarket, that is what it is, and it sells good quality ingredients and products some of which, but by no means all, are own brand. It also has though, a fantastic clothing range (not particularly cheap but stylish and well made using luxe materials) – which, I think, is all own brand.

I go there for things to bring home:

Monoprix smoked salmon

Marrons avec morceaux

Absolutely delicious stirred into natural yoghurt.

Paris always makes me go a little chestnut crazy, I also bought a Bonne Maman chestnut spread and a Fauchon spread which was a crème avec morceaux rather than the simple confiture you see above (but I didn’t like it at all). My all time favourite is a Refletes de France crème de marrons avec morceaux but it’s not easy to find so I’m always on the hunt for alternatives. The Monoprix confiture is not the same at all but is an excellent second choice, I eat it by the spoonful and stirred generously into natural yoghurt. I failed to get, so I’m going to have to try to make it, a chestnut juice/syrup that is SO good with prosecco.

The holy grail of Paris shopping…?

Le Petit Marseillais stash Le Petit Marseillais close up soap

This soap is the best soap I have ever come across. All of Le Petit Marseillais’ products are good but the blocks of soap are my favourite.

There is a company that is selling these online to the UK but, my gosh, the prices are so expensive. I’d rather just stock up on my visits to Paris.

And finally (well, I also bought a top and a scarf from Monoprix) a little added bonus – I only buy this when I’m in France as I eat it by the (table)spoonful and just can’t resist it..

Confiture de lait

What can you not resist bringing back when you go abroad?


2 responses to “Shopping in Paris – THE supermarket

  1. Fantastic post! I just made chestnut crème, and am having fun seeing other takes on these fabulous little treats!

    • Aha…thanks so much! Just having a look at your blog now. Yes, I’m potty for chestnuts and never more so than when I’m in Paris.
      Thank you

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