My half hour with Emma of Back of the Wardrobe

You probably wouldn’t know it from looking at me but, I’m trying to spruce up my look, trying to look more ‘put together’, more grown up and more stylish. At the moment though, most of this trying is in my head only so, as a birthday treat to myself, I snapped up one of the Stylist Package tickets to a recent The Stylist’s Rail held at The Hoxton Hotel.

The Stylist’s Rail is a sale of clothes and accessories and the stall holders are, in the main, stylists. The event promised designer bargains, a touch of vintage and some cool new brands as well as music and cocktails and, it didn’t disappoint. Seriously, there were some gorgeous and massively knocked down pieces and if any of them would have fitted me, I’d be a damn site poorer (because of how much I’d have bought, not how much stuff cost) now.

I’d normally avoid this kind of thing (anything to do with confronting my dire body image) but I’m trying to be more yes and a lot less no. Whilst I absolutely was intrigued by the idea of seeing a stylist, and I liked the look of Emma of Back of the Wardrobe and liked her ethos of trying to use what you already own to make up a killer wardrobe, it was the goodie bag that sold it for me. I’ve been wanting to check out the dance classes at FRAME for ages now and the goodie bag included THREE class vouchers – it was a no brainer!

The Stylists Package goodie bag

The full goodie bag (actually minus the Proper Popcorn, which got eaten before I got a chance to take a photo, and the Bloom ready mixed gin and tonic, which I gave to H).

Sugar Style necklace

Looking forward to trying out this Cheeky  Chat Me Up nail paint in Soots You and the necklace from Sugar + Style is absolutely the kind of thing I wear (and I have already worn it).

Love conditioner

How the hello did the goodie bag know that I have harsh and frizzy hair?

The goodie bag also included, amongst other things, a cute pair of Dinny Hall earrings, lots of Lush products and a lovely smelling (Lemongrass & Neroli) Wick and Tallow candle.

Prior to the event, Plum (the woman behind The Stylist’s Rail and also an absolute pleasure to deal with) sent through a questionnaire for me to answer to give Emma a sense of what I wanted to achieve in my half hour as well as a more general overview of my attitude to clothing and style.

The event which was held at the back of the hotel in a series of interconnecting rooms with a series of smaller side rooms, felt like a brilliant bazaar taking place in a little warren and reminded me a bit of my absolute favourite shop, Liberty.

I was met on arrival by Plum who ushered me to a comfy chair, via the bar and a mega gin and tonic, to wait for Emma. Once Emma was ready for me, Plum showed me through to one of the side rooms where Emma was waiting with a smile on her face and a really genuine warmth that put me straight at ease (sounds corny I know, but I really did feel comfortable, happy and looked after). Emma had taken a look at my Pinterest boards and had made up a board with ideas to suit my shape (and size). She told me, more or less, what I already knew – I’m not made for that gorgeous slouchy luxe casual look that I so adore, nor the Parisian chic that both my sister and I love, no, I’m more of a vintage glamour girl all nipped in waists, fitted tops and pencil skirts. We talked jewellery, fabrics, cut, underwear, hair and more AND we went and had a look at the rails of clothes with Emma pulling out colours and textures that she thought would suit me. Emma managed to pack in A LOT in a short half hour (actually, I guess it was the same length of half hour that a half hour is) and I felt as though she had really taken the time to think about me and how I could boost my outfit confidence (my confidence full stop).

I would THOROUGHLY recommend Emma and Back of the Wardrobe and I believe she’s running a discount until the end of February for a three hour wardrobe visit. I may have slight Girl Crush, oh dear. Take a look at her site for more information.

Bloom G and T at The Stylists Rail

You can’t tell from this, but this was more like a BUCKET of gin and tonic. Still, it made me feel all fancy pants – until I tried to peruse the rails whilst carrying it plus my coat and bag plus my mega goodie bag!

DJ at The Stylists Rail 2

This makes it look all gritty and seedy and Real but in reality it’s just another example of my shocking photo taking skills.

ImageMe with the gorgeous Emma – she’s actually channelling a look that’s tailor made for me there.

Once H and I had had a proper look round, we headed back into the hotel for a drink and a bite to eat.

Porn Star Martini at The Hoxton Hotel

Enjoying a Porn Star Martini in the restaurant before diving into a rack of sticky ribs and a gloriously gooey American style macaroni cheese with bacon and jalapenos.


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