THUMPERS are go!!!!

So, this time last week, I was at The Lexington to watch the rather excellent THUMPERS. Before the show I’d gone for supper upstairs at The Driver, with my sister (which was a lovely surprise as I hadn’t realised she was coming out with us) and J and S. I ordered a burger and it was a tad on the bloody side for my liking (that’s the second time in recent months that that’s happened, the other time was at Hawker House (go there, it’s blinkin scrumptious City, bloody burgers included) – grr). I always think that if I ask for meat to be cooked to medium in England I’ll get something that’s almost totally dried out but nowadays I think that we’re closer in thinking to the French so I could get away with medium or, my favourite, “à point” which, I believe, means perfectly cooked. Ha! I love it…imagine saying that over here…

“And how would you like your lamb cooked” says the waiter

“Perfectly” says I

“I see” says the waiter

Mwah ha ha ha.

I digress. My burger was too rare for my liking and turned out to be not the best pre-show meal as it was a bit, ahem, indigestion inducing but if I’d ordered properly it would have been a perfectly tasty (if still a little burpilicious) burger.

S C and J at THUMPERSC, J and I, just before the gig started.

We arrived minutes before THUMPERS took to the stage, with just enough time to get a drink in, and the place was pretty full (I believe it was a sold out show). It’s been a while since I’ve seen them play and certainly this was the biggest headline show I’ve seen them do. And…I was really pleased, I really enjoyed the set – there were a couple of songs that I was less keen on but in the main I loved it with their current single ‘Galore’ proving impossible to stand still to (not that standing still was a requirement). I think it’s a really good testament to a gig when you go away singing the songs and a week later you’re still singing them (not sure what I do could be called singing, it’s more like murdering). But THUMPERS’ music is really rich, the more that you listen to it, the more that you hear so it’s definitely worth checking them out – if you want to try before you buy, they’re on Spotify etc.

Marcus tuning guitar Marcus John Ollie John playing drums

They’ve got a new recruit since I last saw them play who provides backing vocals and plays the trumpet. I wasn’t sure I was going to write about this show and I wasn’t really feeling the photo taking (once again at a gig, I found myself poorly placed for actually seeing anything) so I kept putting my phone in my bag and each time I finally put the phone away she would start playing the trumpet and then by the time I’d get out the phone she’d have stopped again!!..Gah.

Anyway, I’ll be seeing them when they play at The Scala on 22nd May and I’ll be sure to be at the front (maybe with a new camera) and before that…I just might use them as an excuse to take a little trip to Berlin, a place that I’ve heard so many good things about but have never been to, where they’re playing on the 2nd April.

THUMPERS are about to head out to the US, and boy am I bummed that I’m not going too, and then they’re playing a bunch of shows across Europe. Definitely look them up if they’re passing your neighbourhood.

Disclaimer: I am, as I’ve said before, friends with the band members though I don’t think that necessarily means that I can’t espouse the marvellousness that is Marcus and John et al but, I do like all things to be above board.


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