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Me Made May – or, finally joining in.

*fanfare*….ta daaaaa…..Me-Made-May 2014

YAY!!!!!!….I’ve made my pledge, I’m doing it! I can’t remember when I first came across this project and decided that next year would be the year that I’d do it and every next year it turned out that I was no further forward with my me made projects and May would roll along and another year would pass me by.

Well, this year, I decided to just do it. I’ve pledged something that is 100% achievable and yet will still be a challenge for me (when you consider that I work full time and about 40% of my evenings are already spoken for across May, not to mention that (seriously) about 80% of my weekend time is already booked). So, here’s my pledge:

‘I, Susie of Sosusie: The Midlife Ramblings of a Teenage Mother sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear at least two me made items (clothing and accessories) each week for the duration of May 2014’

As a part of this, I plan to: 
Finish off at least one of my knitting projects that I’ve started for myself.
Make one of the four items that I have on my list of makes:
The By Hand London Elisalex dress, Gertie’s Pencil Skirt or Sultry Sheath, or the idea that I’m formulating in my head for a dress.
This is definitely a challenge for me.

Tee hee…I’m too excited. I’ve printed off the final page of the Miette pattern (the cardigan is finished, and has been for at least a year, except for the button band and buttons!) and I’ve sorted through my stash of fabric. I’ve been wanting to get sewing ‘everyday’ wear for myself for ages and this is the kickstart that I need. I also want to do more knitting for myself – it’s not that I haven’t produced anything in the past couple of years, it’s just that none of it has been for me. So, here goes a month of selfishness (and long may it last).

Though I did promise D that his would be the next knitting project that I took on. I don’t think finishing things off counts as breaking that promise though..does it?




Happy Anniversary

That’s the message I just got from WordPress. It is, apparently, this blog’s FOURTH anniversary. This is my fifty second post. Pah ha ha ha ha. Well, we all know – I, thus far, am not a natural blogger but I do actually enjoy it so I shall keep on going.

I started this blog, in part, to be able to get involved with the Blaggers’ Banquet event of which much has been written. I also wanted a way of chatting nonsense whenever I felt like it and I thought that this could be a good way of developing my writing because I do (like so many others) harbour thoughts about someday writing that book.

I did get very involved with the Banquet and loved every moment but I haven’t, like some of the key Blaggers’ players, gone on to forge a career in food (to be honest, it was clear already then that those who have done; Niamh Shields, Signe Johansen, Mathilde Dewilde– I’m surely forgetting some – were going to do so, what they have done in the past four years is no less impressive though for having been obvious that they were on a course to do it). I love cooking and I’m good at it but I don’t have the absolute passion and dedication for food that these women have so…no surprises then that I’m still only on post number fifty two whilst they have each written, and had published, at least one book since the Banquet.

What have I been doing then? I have ended my career as a band manager, I’ve sent my daughter off to travel the world, sent her off to uni and to live in France (yes yes, I know strictly speaking she has been the one doing the doing but seriously, in managing the trauma of saying goodbye to her time and again I feel as though I’ve been getting a serious emotional and mental workout), I’ve sent my son off to university (equally horrendous), I’ve become (a sometimes uncaring) carer for my father, I’ve successfully held down a job for over three years (which is an enormous achievement for me as I do tend to constantly want to try new things), I’ve been a market trader for three years, been a teacher (knitting), set up knitting groups and encouraged creativity and crafts in people, I’ve listened and talked and listened some more, I’ve met amazing people and made lots of new friends, I’ve also lost a friend who was one of the great loves of my life (through falling out) and am slowly slowly rekindling that friendship, I’ve seen people start new relationships which have blossomed while mine has fallen apart (I’m happy for them, of course), I joined a dating site for all of a month, I’ve spent WAY too much time and energy worrying about my body size and more recently my body shape, actually – just worrying in general, I’ve genuinely enjoyed getting more active through going to the gym and taking dancing classes, I’ve started getting back in to sewing, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve ranted and I’ve raged, I’ve travelled a bit more and I’ve been having a lot of fun. Taking the briefest of moments to look back over the past few years, I have to say – I am okay with what I’ve done and how I’ve handled things, there have been a hell of a lot of major changes to my life and I’m still smiling and I have no intention of stopping.

Here’s to the next four years of glorious living (which is to say, the standard ups and downs of anyone living and working in a First World city).

This post is pretty over the top. This is a good thing.

Well well well. Busy times

I’ve been up to loads of fun things in the past couple of weeks, a couple of which I shall touch on here:

I have been to a meeting at our local knitting group pub, The Stapleton Arms, about starting up a new Women’s Institute group in our area. This excites me so much as I tried to join an almost local one about a year and a half ago. I went along to a taster meeting, they were just doing a social night and were going bowling, and I was all fired up to join when they informed me they were disbanding. Disappointed but not so much as to set up my own group I went on my merry way casting dreams of WI aside. And then, a few weeks ago there started to be rumblings about setting one up in Stroud Green spearheaded by the lovely MissAnnie and my jam making fantasies (not really fantasies – see my next post) were reawoken.

I’ve bought some excellent crafty/lifestyley/cookery books recently most notably Supper Club by Kerstin Rodgers and this little beauty –

1945 book on crafts
Crafting the old-skool way.

Both were bought from the very charming and rather excellent The Book Barge which, I have to say, wasn’t the book barge I thought it was going to be. One of the other stall holders at Archway Market, J who runs the secondhand book stall, has started up a bookshop on a barge but he doesn’t deal in new books and The Book Barge does. Both shops are very interesting, J’s will tour London only and TBB is in the middle of touring England.

Absolutely loving this make do mend style blog

Have been following this blog for a while now, in so much as I regularly follow any blogs – KristenMakes – I spent ages catching up with it last night and what struck me was how many things Kristen has knitted for herself. I’m just coming to the end of the first full garment I’ve knitted for myself in ages and I feel inspired to hurry up and make something else now.

Kristen is taking part in something called Me-Made-March which is all about appreciating homemade things and wearing them and I believe that you pledge to wear at least one homemade, from scratch, sewn, knitted, crocheted, upcycled or refashioned, or whatever, piece every day in March. I wouldn’t be able to do it but maybe I’ll work towards that for next year.

There are also links to other making clothes-y blogs that are excellent and, again, that make me want to get on with clothes making.

Wooo hoooo…I’m back!

I’ve been locked out of here due to a significant loss of files including one with password and login details and codes. Phewee….

I’ve started selling hand knitting yarns from a stall at the Archway Market at the top of Holloway Road!!…I’m only doing it every other Saturday at the moment and this coming Saturday will be my third. I’m enjoying it greatly. I’ll write more in a bit but I’m just sorting out emails etc that I’ve been locked out from!

Happy Thursday…

Betty Glad wears her (space invaders) heart on her sleeve

This is a cardigan I’m making for my friends A and S who are having a baby any day now…’s been in the state that it is for a while now ie blocked and ready to finish being sewn up but I LOATHE sewing up my knitting…I don’t know why, you’d think I’d want to get things finished but the desire not to sew in loose threads etc is far far greater than the desire to finish things.

It’s from the same Debbie Bliss pattern as It’ll be all stripe on the night. Hopefully I’ll finish it by the weekend.

Anyway, normally I don’t think I’ll post unfinisehd pieces on here…I do that on (just started) but I think this looks quite interesting so here it is.

It’ll be all stripe on the night

I made this for a couple of friends of mine who had a baby about 10 days ago. They knew they were having a girl and I knitted it with their daughter in mind. I’m really pleased with it and think it’s got balls!

It’s knitted using Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino to a Debbie Bliss pattern (just for the shape) and is knitted in stocking stitch with a moss stich button band, neckline and cuffs. I’m obsessed with stripes and often end up doing stripey projects but this one was a little more complicated than normal because the button band was knitted at the same time but in a contrast colour.

It'll be all stripe on the night

I’m not keen on making up my knitted projects but I decided with this one to do everything properly and block out the pieces etc and sew them together using the most appropriate stitches. It took AGES but the end product does look better I have to admit.

I should add, I realise, that the buttons are not sewn onto the cardigan in that photo merely placed for the photoshoot. And actually if I make that pattern again, aside from the one I’ve already made entitled ‘Betty Glad wears her (space invaders) heart on her sleeve’ – more of which later, I think I’ll move the buttonholes as I think they look daft so far over.