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Ooo Ooo Ooo…brilliant birthday bresents (yes, I know it’s presents but that would have ruined my alliteration).

Oh…was it your birthday recently Susie? Mwah ha. Yes, yes, I know, enough of the birthday already.

Well…not quite enough as I want to show you what I got from D and the children because I’m SUPER happy with their choices:

Christmas and birthday books

As They Were was a Christmas present in place of Maiden Voyage (which had been mentioned in the stupendously brilliant, exciting and inspirational ‘Love with a Chance of Drowning‘) but then D managed to get hold of a copy in time for my birthday. I can’t wait to get started on it but I’ve to finish As They Were first.

Knife close up Birthday knives

Mmmm…I’ve used the larger of these knives so far, to dice onions and carrots and it cut like a dream, it was like slicing through butter.

Wüsthof is a German company that was founded in 1814, their knives are amongst the best (apparently) European (ie non Japanese) made knives available.

Birthday book

A and J gave me this brilliant tome. I’ve wanted this for a while so was really pleased to receive it as a gift from my lovely children and I’m looking forward to making lots of recipes from it. I’m already amazed to read that the dressing for the celeriac salad I love so much and always buy when I’m in France has so few ingredients. I make my own version and I’m very happy with it but it’s interesting to learn how it should be made.

They also cooked an exceptionally scrumptious Sunday lunch for us and my mum and sister of roast beef, perfect yorkshires, caramelised roast carrots and shallots, roast potatoes (bien sur), and more. YUM. Thank you.

Deep electric blue shoe

These shoes, from Evans, are a deep electric blue – not my usual style at all but part of my mission (see previous post) to start looking like I’ve made a modicum of an effort.  I love the heel and, though I’ve only worn them round the house so far, they seem quite comfy.

And a little bonus, given to me yesterday as I sat at my desk (not strictly speaking a birthday present, in fact, I’m not really sure why I had the honour) by a couple of the researchers in my lab. I think they were feeling sorry for me because my knee was playing up and I was hobbling about. How utterly sweet and touching though. They NEARLY made me cry, I had to not talk and stay hidden in my room for a little while.

Birthday flowers

I absolutely love gerberas.


Work or the lack thereof ditto internships.

A quick update on the work front.

Remember I was going to apply for a job at my local gastro pub as they were advertising for someone and it didn’t say they were looking for experience? Well, turns out they were – apparently.

No joy with Evans either – they stated experience didn’t necessarily matter rather an interest in fashion was what they were looking for. So, I rock up with my cv which granted isn’t strong on the retail side of things (but it does have some recent work) and my application, which shows I have an interest in fashion and moreover a knowledge of the Evans product including collaborations, and my best dressed self and…nothing, nada, zilch.

I also applied for a part-time job in a local shop, again they said experience wasn’t necessarily the most important thing, with this application I included a cover letter detailing all my retail experience (some is pre current cv) and why I particularly liked that shop. No response.

Received a couple of rejections this week too which is always a joy. No really it can be because sometimes you really don’t want the job you’ve applied for (and obviously it shows).

Got contacted out of the blue by a recruitment agent asking if I was available immediately to work on a project for a month and if so could I send my cv and a few words about relevant experience. Two days later and no word from said recruitment agent.

Offered to help out at another charity do taking place next week, have a fair amount of event experience, and what do they want me to do??? Work the cloakroom. Well, my friend N is doing the make-up and she says she needs me to help her but if not I’ll do the cloakroom, it’s something that I’ve never done before and if that’s where they need help that’s where they need help..what can I say!?

The one that’s been getting me down though?….that Red Magazine internship. I mean it was a ridiculously LONG shot to begin with, pie in the sky some might say, but still I hoped. Of course I hoped or I wouldn’t have applied. I think that they were making/announcing their decision in November and as they’ve just had their Red’s Hot Women awards I suspect they announced it then. Hey ho, I’ve been allowing myself to wallow in my non internship but today’s a new day and I’ve got things to do like finding me fifty plus free canvas shoppers (printed with the Blaggers’ Banquet logo). And I did spend the first half of this year interning with Louis de Gama so I really mustn’t grumble!

Anyway. I’m going to a party tonight and another on Saturday so at least I’m doing something right (maybe not actually but still not sure if that will or will not become a blog post).