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Working on a new blog

It’s taken me rather longer than anticipated and I had to enlist the help of a friend to work on the design/building of my new blog. I’m just writing up a couple of posts so that it’s not totally empty when I ‘launch’ it. It’ll be up and running in the next couple of weeks.

I’ve really missed blogging but it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster of a few months so it’s probably been good for me to have a little break.

More news shortly.

I’ll leave you with a photo of me about to tuck in to a delicious Sunday Roast, love how there is such a good veg portion, at The Old Dairy in North London. We’re a bit spoilt round here as there are several pubs that do a good Sunday Roast. Even though I love cooking, there’s something about heading out to a nice pub for my Sunday lunch that really appeals to me.

Susie eating a roast at the pub

Susie xx


Not my normal night down the pub – or, life drawing at The Old Dairy

The other day I was feeling a little off colour and on the road to exhausted and I decided that I couldn’t face heading off to French class after work. Instead, I set off for home at a very respectable hour but, I got waylaid. See…this was a Wednesday and every other Wednesday evening there is a life drawing session, Life Draw N4, at The Old Dairy (which I pass on my walk home) but somehow, it always seems to fall on the Wednesdays when I am not free. So, I thought…why not pop in and see if it’s on tonight (I don’t think that I’d got as far as thinking that I’d join in if it was on, more…I’d just find out what the deal was). As I approached the pub I noticed a little board outside proclaiming that someone was gonna get nekkid tonight – and I knew, before I’d even taken a step inside, that I was going to end up staying and joining in (ahem, with the drawing not the nudity).

I can be quite shy and retiring (yes really) and I don’t much like being in situations where I might draw attention to myself (yes really, again) so, for example, I never used to like taking photos of the bands that we had playing at Women on the Verge (but I felt like I ought to try to take them), and I don’t like situations where there is a particular way of doing things and I don’t know what that way is (I think it’s to do with always feeling as though I take up too much space, physically, and trying to look and be smaller than I am) so an empty (of people, almost) room whose walls were lined with chairs so close that each one touched its neighbour (which therefore meant that I might be touching my neighbour) did not make me feel at ease. What did put me at ease was the woman who was in charge of the session who explained how it all worked and that sometimes there are lots of people and sometimes not but that it’s all very casual and you can sit where you want, rearrange the seating to suit you etc. The only other person there, when I arrived, also helped to put me at ease, chatting away to me and asking me lots of questions.

The session cost £7 with a donation for paper and all the supplies that you need are provided. Once I’d selected my paper, charcoals and vantage point I went off and bought me a little Dutch courage in the form of a lovely glass of red.

I didn’t find that my drawing flowed but I really enjoyed the couple of hours that the session ran for, I found that my head cleared (a blessing) and I felt relaxed. I’m DEFINITELY going to go back once this course of French is over and I think that I’ll try working with a medium other than charcoal.

Drawing H at the Old Dairy

It’s not what you think (middle top drawing). The bottom picture was the last one that I did and that was the thirty minute pose.

Ha ha….ahem, I just noticed the shadow from my photo taking hand – oops, sorry. Odd.

PS – the life drawing is actually every Wednesday now, just goes to show how out of date I am/was.


In search of a tweed suit

D has been wanting a tweed suit for such a long time, the first time I met him he was wearing a beautiful three-piece tweed suit that his grandfather had handed down to him and very dapper he did look. So this year, I could take it no longer and promised to take him to buy a suit as a birthday present.

There seems to be a glut of affordable tweed on the net but most of the shops D found were online sales only. I think this is the kind of thing that (certainly until you know which cut and which colour in the tweed that most takes your fancy suits you) you really do need to try before you buy. D found an interesting looking site that had a shop in Parsons Green in South West London, the date was booked and we both took the day off.

It was fun heading off to a part of London that we don’t know at all and I quite liked Parsons Green, it had quite a village-y feel about it – but, because I’d had to go to the dentist in the morning, it was already quite late in the day. As neither of us had yet had our lunch, our first stop was a pub called The Brown Cow where we enjoyed a really good meal in chilled out and pleasant surroundings. The staff struck just the right balance between attentiveness and relaxation.

After lunch we headed a stone’s throw up the road to Walter Slater where we were greeted by a young lady dressed in trainers, shiny disco blue leggings and a fitted jumper who, because she was carrying a vacuum cleaner and was so untweedily dressed, I assumed to be the cleaner. She turned out to be most charming, engaging and above all else knowledgeable and she quickly had D out of his trousers and into a pair of theirs. After trying on a couple of different jackets and trousers D settled on what he wanted, the shop assistant deftly tucked fabric here and pinned a bit there and D was free to get back into his own clothes. The suit will be sent off to Scotland for the alterations to be carried out and should be ready for collection in a couple of weeks or so.

D trying on an Edward

The shop is great with a good selection of tweeds, mostly in the Edward cut – I believe, and some lovely woollens (jumpers, cardigans, socks) in a range of natural and vibrant colours.

Tweed jacketsLove the elbow patches..

With the main purchase under our belts we headed back North, stopping off at Vagabond on Stroud Green Road for a coffee and a damn fine delicately spiced and moist slice of apple cake.

Coffee at Vagabond Apple slice at VagabondMmmmm…so good.